Of mice and man

Mice and Man, George, Lenny, John Steinbeck, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Of mice and man
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OF MICE AND MAN The two main characters of this book were George and Lenny. George was small and quick. He had strong hands and slender arms. Lenny was his opposide. He was a big person who was very strong. The disadvantage was that he wasn t very clever. George and his friend Lenny were on the way to a ranch to find a new job as they came to a river. They decided to make a break and not to go on with their travail until it was morning. They losed their first job, because Lenny always got in trouble. He always had catched mices and wanted to pet them, but when he had pinched their heads a little he killed them. And one day Lenny had sawed a girl and he wanted to touch her dress, but she started to scream and so they other people thought that he wanted to rape her and so George and Lenny had to run away , but they needed a new job and this was the reason why they went to the new ranch. George told Lenny not to speak with the new boss, because he could recognize how silly he was and then they could lose their job again. Lenny always forgot that and George had to tell him this rule again and again. He was very angry, because he thought that he could have such a good life without Lenny. He could keep a job and maybe could find a girlfriend, but he had to look after Lenny and so his life wasn t so easy. He always told Lenny that he was a son of a bitch and that he wanted to live without him. Normally Lenny said nothing, but on this evening he told his friend that he could go off ...

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