The tea

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The tea The History The tea we drink every day is approx 5.000 years old. The legend says that the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong discovered it in 2737 before Christi. One day the Emperor was boiling water in the garden and suddenly a leaf from the camellia plant fell into the pot. When he drink this water it taste good for him, so good, that he never drunk other drinks. Another legend is about Daruna a japans priest. One day the priest was angry about his tiredness during his meditation that s why he cut his eyelids out and threw them to the ground and on this place grew up two tea plants. When he taste the tea he was very lucky that he could meditate again because it refreshed him and he didn t have to sleep any more. History of iced tea Iced tea discovered Richard Blechynden, a young ...

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