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Interpretation of Romeo & Juliet (II. 2) Indeed Romeo and Juliet is the most popular drama of William Shakespeare. This tragic lovestory touches many humans nad is been the original for lots of movies. I want to take a closer look on the second scene of the second act the so-called balcony scene which concludes the second meeting of Romeo and Juliet. Both are very excited emotionally. The scene begins with the advance of Romeo at Juliet´s balcony and his secret observation of Juliet. Romeo is completely overwhelmed and hence his words seems to be a bit confused he uses the wrong personal pronoun (l. 3) for example. He compares Juliet with the sun (l. 3) in his monologue and also the addition that she is the east (l. 3) reveals that Juliet has a shining appearance to Romeo. According to Romeo Juliet is also more beautiful than the moon. The moon is actual a symbol for love or lovers and the fact that Juliet is even more worth than it shows that Romeo has to be really crazy in love. Romeo only mentions her beauty in these lines and also in the following ones which shows that his love is maybe as superficial as the love to Rosalinde because in the chat with Benvolio in I. 1 he also only mentions the appearance of Rosalinde and her beauty. Romeo does not only use the metaphor moon but also the metaphor star (l. 15) to admire her eyes. Eyes are called to be the mirror to the soul of humans and due to Romeo´s referrence to Juliet´s eyes he confesses that he also loves her ...

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