Rain man

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Martina Riessland 6.C Rain Man Author: Leonore Fleischer Charles Babitt makes risky and not quite legal deals with Lamborghini s. When Charlie has troubles with his business he gets the message that his rich father has died and he drives to the funeral. There he meets his father s lawyer, who has the will and reads it to Charlie. He is the only heir of the car and of his father s rose bushes. All the money, his father had is going to an unnamed beneficiary. The lawyer, Dr. Mooney, doesn t tell Charlie the name of the unnamed beneficiary because he isn t allowed to. But Charlie wants to find that person and so he looks for him her. He thinks about his father and considers where he could search for his money and the unnamed beneficiary. After a while he has an idea : the WALLBROOK HOME FOR THE DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED. So he drives to this establishment. There he finds a man, who is the unnamed beneficiary, his name is Raymond Babitt. Raymond is his older brother. He is in this institution because he is an autistic. People who are autistic aren t able to feel, to lie or to distinguish between important things and facts besides you can t communicate with them. Dr. Bruner isn t allowed to give Charlie half of the money, which Raymond has inherited. Therefore Charlie kidnaps Raymond to force Dr. Bruner to let him have the money. First they drive to their father s grave and then to a hotel. The first night is very difficult, because the bed in the hotel room isn t under the ...

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