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I thank from the depth of my burning, revolting stomach for your sympathy in the last years. I am too unbalanced and moody humans and feel simply no more passion in me. Thus always remembers: It is better to burn out than fading. Peace.Love.Empathy. With these words the life of Kurt Cobain ended who was made against will the language pipe of a whole generation. Kurt Cobain was born as the first child on 20. February 1967. He grew up in the town Aberdeen. The city is because of the Pacific coast of the US Federal State Washington is surround by the forest. Kurt Cobain began to show already with two years interest in music, what actually not is surprising, since a majority of the family is very musical. In the year 1975, when Kurt Cobain was straight eight years old, his parents Don and Wendy Cobain let themselves be separated. In the following years Cobain suffered much from the separation of his parents. In the meantime also the Punk skirt became large and Cobain liked the new sound. Briefly before his conclusion Cobain left the High school. Kurt Cobain became acquainted with Krist Novoselic by a friend. Together with Novoselic he decided to create a band. The band was called Nirvana however not from the outset but had some different names such as Ted, OD, Fred or Stiff Woodies. In the September 1987, Kurt had a very extensive Song repertoire and he and Chris already employed Aaron Burckhard as Drummer. Kurt, Chris and Aaron had the various short-lived names for their band ...

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