Diary of Lady Mcbeth

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Etienne Salborn English 12, 3rd hour Diary of Lady Macbeth June 19th 1059 I heard the good news. Macbeth was again successful and is now moving towards the castle of Macdonwald. That will be a hard battle but I hope Macbeth can defeat him. June 28th Mcdonwald is dead. Another victory for us. I m proud of Macbeth and glad that nothing happened to him. July 5th I received a letter from Macbeth today. He will move on to the armies of the king of Norway and Scottish traitor. I hope that he will succeed again. July 18th I received another letter of Macbeth. He told me he defeated the armies without any major casualties for our army. He said he would come home soon. I m looking forward for that. July 27th Earlier today I received the strangest letter from Macbeth I ever got. He told me that on his way home he met three witches. They told him that he will became thane of Cawdor and King. I don t believe that and I think he doesn t either. How should he become King? But it is an interesting thought. What if he really becomes king? He is the kings cousin, so if something happens to the king and his sons he will become king... July 29th I heard Macbeth received a message from the King saying that he will become the Thane of Cawdor. Now I really things those witches have magical power and can see the future. Now I m really thinking Macbeth can be king and I can become Queen. What a wonderful thought July 30th I have made the decision that Macbeth will be King, the only problem is that ...

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