Hard Times

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22nd April 2004 Charles Dickens: Hard Times In the industrial city of Coketown, a place dominated by grim factories and oppressed by coils of black smoke, the dark-eyed, rigid man Thomas Gradgrind has established a school. He has hired the teacher Mr MacChoakumchild, whom he hopes will instil in the students nothing but cold, hard facts. While walking back to his home, appropriately named Stone Lodge, Gradgrind catches his two eldest children spying on the circus through a peephole in the fence. He is very angry with his son Tom but his daughter Louisa tells him that it was her idea. As a reaction Gradgrind just asks what Mr. Bounderby would say... Mr. Bounderby - a wealthy, boastful industrialist, who owns factories and a bank, is at that very moment in the drawing room at Stone Lodge. When he hears of the misbehaviour of the children he tells Thomas that he has to exclude this Sissy Jupe from school. Because she is living with the circus folks and because of her Louisa and Tom had the idea to have a look at the circus. Thomas agrees and he and Bounderby want to go to the circus. But before they leave Bounderby asks Loo for a kiss. He is allowed to take one but Louisa begins to rub her cheek after that because she is disgusted. On the way to Sissys home the men already meet Sissy who is chased and bullied by Bitzer, a boy from school. They send him home and follow Sissy to her home. When they get there Grandgrind is told by Mr. Slearly, the proprietor of the circus, which ...

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