Roddenberry, Eugene Wesley (1921-1991)

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CREATOR OF THE STARTREK SAGA EUGENE WESLEY RODDENBERRY (1921 - 1991) 1. Life 1921 born in El Paso, Texas on August 19th 1941 graduated from LA City College volunteered for the U.S. Army Air Corps Second Lieutenant, took part in 89 missions and sorties Distinguished flying Cross and the Air Medal 1945 Commercial pilot for Pan Am Airlines Los Angeles police officer 1953 Free lance author, Western Have Gun Will Travel 1963 Roddenberry sold his first own series The Lieutenant 1964 Making of The Cage, first TOS pilot 1965 Making of Where No Man Has Gone Before, 2nd pilot 1966 StarTrek, The Original Series, was launched 1968 Uproar in the US: During the episode Plato`s Stepchildren: A white man kisses a black woman 1969 married Majel Barrett (The Computer, Nurse Chapel from TOS and Lwaxana Troi in TNG and DS9) 1977 Doctor of Humane Letters from Emerson College in Boston, Mass., Doctor of Literature from Union College in Los Angeles 1981 Doctor of Science from Clarkson College in Potsdam, New York 1986 A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 1987 Making of Encounter at Farpoint, TNG pilot TNG was launched Peabody Award for the Best of the Best. (TNG) 1990 Jack Benny Memorial Award for lifetime achievement 1991 On Thursday, October 24th Gene Roddenberry passed away and a world not so far away mourned the loss of one of television`s foremost pioneers. 1 Rick Berman and Micheal Piller continued the StarTrek Saga 2. StarTrek Series: TOS - The Original Series (1966 - 1969) TNG - The Next ...

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