Americanization of Germany

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Americanization of Germany 1. Introduction Everybody knows the typical subjects that we associate with America. Moreover, if we think of America we usually mean North America. The product they have spread all over the world is the issue of their way of thinking, their culture and simply their way of life. This certain way of life expresses itself in the subjects like the famous Coca Cola, the huge American cars, movies, fast food and chewing gum which are all consumer goods. Other imports from the United States are Rock n Roll and Jazz as well as hip-hop, Mickey Mouse and Sports, for example the popular American Football and Baseball. 2. Definition The infiltration or the adaptation of other countries, in this case Germany, to North American conditions was early noticed and named as an Americanization . With North American conditions, it is meant the whole culture and way of thinking as well as the American way of life . A cornerstone of this is the teaching of pragmatism announced by the philosopher William James whereupon ... the deed of the individual and its business success are the only scales for luck and liberty. 1 3. The process of Americanization and the reasons After the horrors of World War I people in the USA and Western Europe liked to indulge in pleasure again since they had enough of the war. With the Golden Twenties the wave reached Germany, where cinemas, bars and varieties opened. The twenties clearly established the culture of masses and entertainment. ...

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