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SYDNEY the real capital of Australia Sydney is Australia s largest city and its economic, industrial and tourism centre. 4 mio. of the 18. mio Australians live in Sydney. The Olympic Games 2000 brought the city into the focus of the world. What is this city like, who are the Sydneysiders and what makes this city so special? I will try to answer this and start with its special history that began already 50000 years ago. The history Scientist say,that Sydney is one of the oldest civilisations in the world. The first inhabitants were Aborigines from the Eora tribe who settled around the sheltered harbour. They lived in peace and in harmony with the nature until the whites came. After the french explorer La Perouse and the british explorer James Cook discovered this place by 1770, the British government decided to sent fleets in 1788, who transported convicts from the overcrowded prisons in Great Britain. The Aborigines were driven away by force, murdered or killed by diseases of the whites. 20.000 were killed during british colonization. Life in the settlement was very hard and many convicts did not survive, but eventually they established themselves at Sydney cove, that gave the city its name. The city began to grow, in the 19th century more and more convicts arrived and with them also a lot of free settlers from Europe, California and China. Many of them were attracted by gold that was found in that area. By the end of the 19th century,Sydney had a population of 500.000 and ...

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