Atomic Power

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Atomic Power Today we are talking about atomic power stations, nuclear weapons and the problems with it. Our first topic is The history of the nuclear fission In the year 1939 the german scientist Otto Hahn invented with the assistence of Fritz Strassmann the splitting of an uran atom. During the second World War the german scientists worked very hard to build an atomic power station. At the end of the war the germans were nearly able to build an atomic bomb. In the year 1943 american agents in germany heard about the research of the atomic bomb. Two years later the americans dropped a bomb on Hiroshima and on Nagasaki. Thousands of people died, the citys were destroyed and till today many people died on the results of these bombs. Atomic power stations Atomic power stations convert nuclear power to electricity. The nuclear reaction produces heat. With this heat water will be warmed and then it drives the generator. The generator produces lots of electricity.The hot water will be cooled in this huge cooling towers. Atomic Power worldwide Today in europe are 218 atomic power stations working. They produce more than 178 billions watt. In France there are 56 nuclear power stations which produce more than 75 percent of electricity who is needed there. The germans have only 20. Now europe is building 25 nuclear power stations. 20 percent of the electricity who is needed in europe is produced by the nuclear fission. Now in the whole world there are 442 nuclear power stations ...

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