Trojan Horses

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Definition: What is a trojan horse and what are it s capabilities? A Trojan Horse is a program, which appears to be a useful tool but is able to do various things hidden in the background without the computer owner knowing. Trojan Horses have been named after the Trojan Horse in Greek Mythology; a wooden horse was left behind by Troy s besiegers. Not knowing that the Greek had been hiding inside the horse. The people of Troy moved the horse to the inside of the town to celebrate their victory. Once within Trojan walls, the enemies left their hiding place to conquer the city. Nowadays, virtual Trojan Horse attacks work in a similar way. Trojan Horses are often incorrectly treated like viruses. This is only true to a certain extend;as opposed to viruses, their main purpose is not to destroy any kind of information stored on a computer, but to transmit this data to the initiator of the attack for abusing purposes or to get control over infected computers. Since the amount of data transmitted to the initiator is often too unfathomable, many Trojan Horses offer much more intelligent options. These so called Backdoor Trojans enable attackers to take control of foreign computers to do whatever they desire. It s just like as if the attacker would be sitting in front of the infected computer. Well known Trojan Horses like Sub7, Netbus or Back Orifice consist of three parts:1. Serverfile This is the file which has to be installed on the computer, the attacker wants to control. Using ...

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