The Hippie movement

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The Hippie movement 1.The Political situation The Vietnam war and the black people s position in the society were the biggest issues in politics in the USA in the sixties. The whole nation was interested in the outcome of these questions. The young John F. Kennedy was elected, with minimal margin, as a president in 1960. He stood for something new and fresh in American politics. He said the famous words: Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, and with these words he raised an appeal to the youth in the country, to commit to the social debate in politics. Kennedy s appeal to the modern generation and the younger style of his presidency indeed not only attracted new groups but reflected new attitudes and forces in American life. After winning the Second World War, the USA saw it as their mission to fight for liberalism and democracy all over the world. The Cold War against the communist regime of the Soviet Union led USA involvement in Vietnam. It was the longest battle the USA fought, and it brought its biggest defeat both politically and military. This made the population lose much of their respect for the authorities at Pentagon and the White House. The Vietnam War was the reason for an extreme politically polarization in the USA. Compared to other wars the USA had been involved in this war brought down the consensus about foreign affairs, which had existed in since the Cold War started. Many people couldnt see the reason for ...

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