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AMERICA Andrea Kraxner America s history 10 000 years before Columbus came the Indians lived along the Mississippi. They had their own form of economy and they were independent. 1492 Columbus came to America. The Spanish and the British were the first settlers, who were interested in more and more land. And America was is big They began trading the natives; they called them wild and uncivilized people. So, but why did the Whites push aside the Natives? There was the NORMAN YOKE, which allowed them to do this: The Norman Yoke says, that white men have God s rights to take land, that seems uninhabited. In the 15 the settlers wanted to make this land more productive. What is PEQUOT?After their long ship journey, the settlers were tired and didn t know how to cultivate this land. Pequot is a nation of Native Americans, who taught the settlers how to survive. ( origin of Thanksgiving) So, afterwards the nice stupid white men didn t know anything better than pushing the Pequot aside. So, this wasn t funny for the Pequot. They lived on this land for many many years, lived there in a spiritual way full of harmony with nature, had their own customs, languages, origins, religions, and they should change their way of life completely??? The Pequot didn t agree. The British Army answered with guns. A few Pequot left. Between the 15th and the 19th century more and more settlers came with different believes, culture, religion and food. This was horrible for the Native Americans: Because ...

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