Golding, William: Lord of the Flies

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Golding, William: Lord of the Flies
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William Golding (1911-1993): L o r d o f t h e F l i e s A novel About the author: William Golding was born in Cornwall, England, in 1911 as a teacher s son. After his graduation from Oxford in science and English in 1935 he joined the Royal Navy and took part in the Second World War. Golding returned to teaching in 1945 and worked part time in small theatre companies as writer, actor and director. Lord Of The Flies , which brought him to international fame, was rejected by several publishers before it came out in 1954. William Golding was honoured by the Royal Society of Literature with a Fellowship in 1955, he was the winner of the Nobel prize for Literature in 1983 and was knighted in 1988. He died in 1993. Although he was primarily a novelist he also wrote short stories, dramas, essays and poetry. William Golding is best-known for his themes of the struggle between good and evil and was a critic of modern society. Famous novels: The Inheritors (1955) Pincher Martin (1956) Free Fall (1959) Contents: Some boys, aged between five and twelve, are the only survivors of an air crash, which took place on a tropical island and seemed to be a paradise on earth. They should be evacuated by plane from England since the danger of an atomic war. Two of them, Ralph and Piggy, find a conch and use it to call the other survivors. In their first gathering Ralph is chosen as the leader and tells them that the only chance to get rescued is to keep a signal fire, which is kindled with ...

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