McDaniel, Lurlene: Angels Watehing Over Me

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Angels Watehing Over Me Lurlene McDaniel The author: The popular novelist and freelance writer, Lurlene McDaniel, was born on April 5th, 1944 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has written over fourty novels about kids and teens who face life-threatening illnesses and who sometimes dont survive. It is quite easy to see why McDaniel is such a well-liked writer. She knows from experience what to write about and she writes about an issue that is rarely discussed with young people. I write the kind of books I write because I want to help kids to understand that nobody gets to pick what life dishes out to them. What you do gel to choose is how you respond to what life gives you. No matter what happens, life is a gift. And always worth living. Lurlene McDaniel Main characters: Leah Lewis-Hall: She is a sixteen-year-old confused and lonely girl. Leah doesnt have any friends because they have just moved. She is alone during Christmas holidays and in addition her doctor sends her to the hospital because of a broken finger. The girl is very cynic and in the beginning too superficial. During the Christmas holiday she has many experiences and she has to cope with many problems. Ethan Longacre: He is an Amish boy. Ethan is very polite and for Leah strange. The young guy believes in his own way of life. After some time he falls in love with Leah. Theres just one problem: He is Amish and Leah is English. In contrast to his parents he doesnt think that it is wrong to love an English girl. ...

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