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English Speech: Mobile E-Business Englisch Referat Speaker: Martin Kurcz Schoolyear: 2001 02 Contents: Introduction Outline Summary of the Article The history of a mobile-phone Special Technologies GPRS Bluetooth GSM WAP The pros and cons of such Mobiles Conclusion Mobile E-Business Dear Mrs. Gletthofer, dear classmates The title of my presentation is Mobile E-Business . I have choosen this article because I am very interested in this topic I have divided my talk into 4 parts.The first part of my talk will concern the Summary of the Article. Secondly I will inform you about the history of a mobile. Finally I am going to explain some technical terms and the negative aspects of cellular telephones. I would be glad to answer any questions at the end of my talk, but now to the talk: The aritcle describes the current situation in the Information technology and what the future will look like, with new e-business inventions. In Europe the Internet is a fast growing medium, and nearly of the population in Europe has access to it. But a new technology is growing much faster, than anything else THE WIRELESS WEB. Already now, there are more mobile users, than Internet surfers. Some famous people interviewed in the article say, that the Internet and the Mobile phone will be going more and more over into one thing, called E-business. E-business is splitt into e-banking, e-trading and e-shopping. You can say, that the beginning of e-business was, when Ericsson, Motorolla and Nokia formed ...

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