Woods Daniel: Cry Freedom

Bantu Stephen Biko, Apartheid, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Woods Daniel: Cry Freedom
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Bantu Stephen Biko Cry Freedom is not only the story of Steve Biko but he is surely the most important person in this book. Steve Biko is black. He s married and he s got two children. He grew up in townships mostly but then had the opportunity to be educated by Swiss and German priests. He knows how to put the words together very well. All his life is dedicated to the struggle for black rights. He is a warm and gently person. Absolutely peaceful. He could talk to everybody respectfully and hated nobody. For him South Africa was for black and white, they only had to find a way to live beside each other. At the time Woods and Biko know each other, Biko is banned because of his leadership of a movement called The Black Consciousness This movement wanted black people to create their own organisations. They wanted to encourage black people to remind themselves that they can be everything they wanted to be. Also that they are good and beautiful in the way they are and that they don t start thinking that they are worse than white people. The Black Consciousness wanted confrontation without violence. That means face-to-face conversation about ideas and forces. They wanted to achieve success for black people without help of any white man. Daniel Woods Daniel Woods is the editor of a newspaper called The Daily Dispatch . He is also married and has five children. In the beginning of the story he accepted the laws that forced blacks and whites to live in separate areas. But he didn t ...

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