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Introduction: Efforts to design a working gas turbine engine had been under way for year s prior world war II. Engineers eventually succeeded in placing a few engines in combat aircraft briefly during the closing stages of the war. The war effort had brought about many advances in gas turbine technology, which could now be used for commercial aircraft design. Turbine engines offered many advantages over reciprocating engine and airlines were interested. Increased reliability, longer mean times between overhaul, higher airspeeds, ease of operation at high altitudes and a high power to engine weight ratio made turbine power very desirable. ENGINE COMPONENTS: Within every gas turbine engine there are seven basic sections. 1. AIRINLET 2. COMPRESSOR SECTION 3. COMBUSTION SECTION 4. TURBINE SECTION 5. EXHAUST SECTION 6. ACESSORY SECTION 7. SYSTEM NECESSARY FOR STARTING, LUBRICATION, FUEL SUPPLY AND AUXILIARY PURPOSES SUCH AS ANTIICING, COOLING AND PRESSURERATION; Sometimes you hear about additional terms include cold section and hot section. The engines cold section includes the air inlet duct and the compressor section. The hot section, on the other hand, includes the combustion and exhaust section. PURPOSE OF THE ENGINE COMPONENTS: The AIRINLET to a turbine engine has several functions, one of which is to recover as much of the total pressure of the free air stream as possible and deliver this pressure to the compressor. There are two different types of COMPRESSOR SECTIONS. A ...

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