Orwell, George: Animal Farm

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GEORGE ORWELL Animal Farm CONTEXT: Animal Farm by George Orwell is written in form of a fable and may be seen as a satire of the Russian Revolution in particular. The novel describes a revolution that went wrong. Cruelly treated and exploited by their masters, human beings, the animals plan a rebellion, inspired by the old boar Old Major . When he dies, the three pigs Snowball, Napoleon and Squealer take over the leadership. They want to fulfil Old Major s dream and succeed. The most important thing is to follow the seven rules Major has suggested. The main-context of these rules is never to behave like man and to accept that all animals are equal. This philosophy they called Animalism . This is a very important point also in the Soviet history. Communism means that all property wealth and work has to be divided equally. Finally they are just as cruel as the former masters were. They use their cleverness to increase their power and use the other animals for their interests. When winter comes Snowball decides to build a windmill to bring electricity to the farm. Napoleon disagrees and the animals become divided into two groups of supporters. Snowball is driven off the farm and Napoleon becomes the single leader. One by one the original rules, developed from Old Major s dream, are changed but the animals are too stupid or too frightened to protest. RUSSIAN REVOLUTION: This novel has many parallels with the Russian Revolution. In USSR 1917 the revolution took place because of ...

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