Chandler, Raymond, Thornton: The Big Sleep

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by Raymond Chandler Chandler s life: Raymond Thornton Chandler was born on 23rd July 1888 in Chicago, Illinois. He spent his youth in Britain, but he became an American citizen in 1956 again. In 1924 Raymond married Pearl Cecily Hurlburt. His first book was published in 1933. He got an award of the Mystery writers of America in 1954. Raymond Chandler died on 26th March in 1959. Characters: Philip Marlow is a private detective and the main character in the book. He is 33 years old, tall and quite good looking. In the film we see that he smokes a lot and he drinks very much alcohol, so Marlow makes a cool impression and also the way he reacts in a situation. When we observe the dialogs we see, that Marlow is very quick-witted; he always knows an answer and he often has the last word. He isn t afraid of showing no respect to his opponents and gives others ( like Vivien ) often impudent answers. He doesn t obey orders and for this reason he got fired when he was a policeman. Nevertheless he is a trustworthy and reliable loner who finishes everything he has started; for example when he wants to find Rusty Regan although nobody pays him or wants him to do this. General Sternwood is a very rich war veteran and Marlow s client. He is 70 years old and paralysed, so he has to sit in a wheelchair. He lives in a big villa with his two daughters, Carmen and Vivien, and his butler Norris. His wife is dead. I think he has a boring life, because he has nothing to do. Even the money is ...

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