Racial problems in the USA

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Racial problems in the USA By Bastian Gogolin Discrimination is still practised in the United States against black Americans. This discrimination has many causes, which are impoverishment, criminality and in general things which happened years before, for example slavery. Through this time of slavery, Blacks were suppressed by the white people. The Blacks had to do lower jobs and they experienced that they were lower humans. And it is normal that they build up a kind of hate. But the Whites were superior and because of that the blacks had no chance to compensate this situation. This period of slavery has last until the middle of the last century. Another aspect and a cross reference to the working situation at slavery times is employment at the present time. But before discussing employment, unemployment is a major factor to consider. In 1987, the unemployment rate of blacks was 13 percent. This is more than twice the the rate of white Americans, which had a 6 percent unemployment rate. It can not be proven however, that Blacks were discriminatedagainst because they are required under law to be given equal opportunities as compared to Whites in the job market. Later in 1992 over 1 million black males were unemployed compared to the 4 million unemployed white males. This may sound good, but only 12 percent of the American population is black, so the equation does not add up. Also for the Blacks that are able to get jobs, they don t get paid near as much as Whites. In 1992 ...

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