Moore, Brian: Lies of Silence

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Lies of Silence by Brian Moore The Story Michael Dillon is the Manager of a Hotel in Belfast. He isn t really content with his life, he doesn t really like his job and there are also some problems with his wife Moira. Therefore he has an affair with a younger woman called Andrea who works for the BBC. They often meet secretly. One day she tells him that she has plans to go to London because of a new job, and Michael decides to go with her. When he drives home from their meeting she thinks about his wife and that he has to tell her. When he arrives at home, Moira is sitting in the living room, watching TV with Peg Wilton, a friend of hers. Michael drives her home and so she tells him that she will open up a little shop and that Moira should also work there. In the evening, when Michael and his wife are lying in their bed the have a little quarrel. Moira thinks that her husband doesn t like her, she says that he only likes her because of her looks. She thinks that maybe Michael would like to leave her and her last sentence before falling asleep is Please don t leave me . Therefore Michael isn t able to sleep. When he looks out of the window, he notices a white Ford standing in front of their house. Two people are sitting in the car, but Michael doesn t care about it. Suddenly he sees some men walking into the garden. He runs downstairs and tries to reach the telephone, but it s too late, and the men enter the house. They are from the IRA. Michael has to wake up his wife and ...

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