The Problems of Overfishing

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The Problems of Overfishing Or too many people chasing too few fish Today, 11 of the worlds 15 major fishing areas and 69 of the worlds major fish species are in decline according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. The population of the Bluefin Tuna in the Atlantic Ocean is already depleted. Apart from environmental pollution, overfishing is the decisive cause of this alarming development. Reasons: - The modern fishing boom since 50 years - The improvement in technology rampant exploitation Radar technology allows to fish in fog Long-range navigation equipment exact location of fishing grounds Sonar allows to fish in the deep sea - The explosion of the world s population increasing need for fish - The overcapacity of the world s fishing fleet - Fish stocks have been considered as common property - As long as the caught fish cover the operating costs, there is no economic incentive to stop fishing - Subsidies of approximately 13 billion a year encourages fishing in already depleted fisheries - Fish stocks do not have enough time to reproduce Ecological effects: - The change of the composition and abundance of edible marine life which is sufficient to endanger marine ecosystems - Overfishing makes ocean ecosystems more vulnerable to harm from other human impacts such as pollution - Overfishing probably contributes to the decline of marine birds and mammals, by reducing their food supplies - The depletion of the world s fishing grounds - Once a population ...

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