Orwell, George: Animal Farm

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Orwell, George: Animal Farm
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Plot: The book is about a Farm where the animals make a revolution and chase away the farmowner with his family. For a while everything works great and everybody is happy. But on and on the pigs, who make the organization part on the farm, get more and more like humans. They even change the seven rules of Animalism one by one and in the end the other animals can´t divide them from humans, which used to be their enemies and then are the friends of the pigs. Summary: Mr. Jones was the owner of the Manor Farm in England. He was most of the time drunk, and he treated his animals badly. One night the old Major, an old baor, called out for all animals to come to the big barn. There he told the animals about his vison of freedom and Animalism. He said that all animals could have a better living condition, if they removed Mr. Jones. Old Major was sure that there would be one time a rebellion, and than they would work for themselves without having to feed their master Mr. Jones. At the end Major learned them a song called Beasts of England . Three days later at the end of March Major died, but all animals kept his vison in mind. One day Mr. Jones came home late and drunk and forgot to feed the animals and to milk the cows. So in the morning when the animals were all starving and angry the rebellion started. Mr. Jones tried to control them but the animals were stronger and so he and his wife and also his four men had to flee. Than the animals began to manage the farm. After that they ...

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