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British Airways Today I will talk about British Airways and I have these following points: First I will talk about the BA: the history oneWorld some company facts brands the logo And then about the flagship Concorde: the project and about the BA-Concordes the terrible blow of Air-France Concorde some facts the history of BA One year after the first world war a british airline founded the Aircraft Transport and Travel . On 31st of March 1924, four small british companies band together (zusammenschließen) named Imperial Airways Limited (IAL). These 4 small companies were Aircraft Transport and Travel, Handley Page Transport, Instone Airlines and British Air Navigation . The IAL had over 250 employees and 18 airplanes. The main objective was to create a worldwide flying route (Streckennetz) but the second world war was a problem for this plan. In the year 1936 independent airlines merged and named themselves British Airways Limited (BAL) There was a competition between IAL and BAL and in the british parliament was a discussion and they had to solve this problem. The solution was a close cooperation. So in the year 1939 IAL and BAL got the name British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC). But in 1946 a new company named British European Airways (BEA) was founded. After 25 years was a merger between BOAC and BEA. The new official name was BRITISH AIRWAYS In the year 1978 BA introduced the Concorde. 6 years later the BA had a big deficit and they could only survive from the ...

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