Why is Macbeth a tragedy?

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Why is MACBETH a tragedy? School Essay in German Grammar School Punkte: 14 (written by Christian Gerber, please contact me for questions: christian gerber gmx.de or christian gerber web.de or chr.gerber t-online.de) According to the definition a tragedy is a form of drama in which the protagonist passes through a series of misfortunes towards his or her downfall. Aristotle adds that the tragedy centers around a tragic hero who because of his or her hamartia suffers a reversal of fortune from happiness to misery. The question whether MACBETH is a tragedy can be answered if you take a closer look at the play. In the beginning of Shakespeare s MACBETH the protagonist, a Scotish lord called MacBeth is a famous warrior who has defeated a rebellion. Therefore Duncan, the Scotish king, gives him the title Thane of Cawdor. At first sight MacBeth does not have problems, but he has a weakness in his character: his ambition. This tragic flaw, which is essential to a tragedy, is promoted by three witches and Lady MacBeth. If it had not been for the witches telling him that he was to be King of Scotland, MacBeth would still be his ordinary self. They arouse the protagonists curiosity how to become King of Scotland. Lady MacBeth then introduces the concept of murder to her husband and intensifies his ambition. MacBeth does not have a chance to escape fate. After the murder some of MacBeth s supporters like Banquo and MacDuff turn away, when MacBeth is crowned and therefore the new king ...

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