The third world

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Englischreferat: Dritte Welt Länder Today we will tell you something about the third world. Once a wise man said: If you have something to eat in your frig, clothes to put on, a bed to sleep and a roof over your head, you will be richer than 75 of the world s population. Can you blieve that? Yes, it is rearly true. A big part of the world is very poor. (Folie 1) The green lands are the poor lands and only the red ones are the rich countries. So you can see: Much more lands are poor How can you find out, that it is a poor land? Developing nations are poor lands. The people, who live there, are not able to help themselves. Nearly every developing nation is in Africa, South America and Asia. There are big cities, which grow up bigger and bigger. Why? Many people, who live in the outskirts of a town don t have a work. So they go into the towns because they hope, they will find work there, to earn money for their families and to have a better life. But only a small part of all people find work. Most of them live in slums for their whole life. The slums are mostly bad places. These districts of a town are often very dirty. People have bad lodings, children don t go to school, they have bad meals - often they are begging. But always more and more people come. Some Slums can be repaired with the support of the government: Sreets and sewages are built, fountains are dashed. But it is still hard to live there. Now we want to tell you about a few Third World towns One of them is ...

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