South Africa in the era of the Apartheid

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South Africa in the era of the Apartheid The logical racial segregation, was introduced after foundation of the South African union in the year 1910 by a bundle of laws, all rights of the black population-majority was restricted on and on. The racial segregation was and is a world-wide problem, the main difference is, that the african Government has created more and more laws against the black population and in the other countries the racial segregation has been developed more or less by itself. The Mines and Works Act of 1911 for example indebted, to perform exclusively low works, and guaranteed so the availability of cheap manpower with it. The Native Land Act of 1913 declared 7,3 of the surface of South Africa to reservations for black and prohibited them to acquire country outside these areas. The black were mainly cheap workers, who were used in mines and on the white farms, the so-called white cities (townships) for the black were born. In these settlements, however, only those workers were allowed to live, who had a permission to stay, the so-called passport . Each colored who was caught without this passport risked a deportation into the Homeland (until 1958 this happened 17 million times ). Therefore it even often occurred that families were hardly split in this way. Hendrik Verwoerd, executor of the apartheid, had the opinion that for the long term discrimination would come to an end by the separation of the nations. Each nation should be able to develop after its ...

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