Dangerous Minds

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Dangerous Minds Miss Johnson is a teacher at Parkmont Highschool. She teaches at risks of students. At the first time they don t take her serious. But she achieves to impress them with karate and she tells them about the time at the Marines. Raul and Durell try to ape. She tries to level down on their standard. She has two rules they have to obey. The first rule is that everybody has to respect yourself and the others and the second rule is she doesn t tolerate any slurs, everybody has his equal dignity. She let them writing an autobiographies and she will not grade them by puntuations and spelling only by effort. At the first time she gives everybody an A , she thinks that keeping an A is much harder than getting an A . She tries to convince Durell he can achieve an A in maths. He has to believe on himself. They discuss about free choice and responsibility. On another day the have an test an some students are noisy, because they are afraid of, they want to be at the office, so Miss J interpretates psychologically that behaviour. She promises them to invite them to a fun park. When Miss J enters Raul and Emilio are fighting. She threatens them to get expelled. By the way Raul an Emilio tell her why they have to fight. Emilio comes from a broken family and they are very poor and he has to be aggressive or he will be beaten up by his neighbourhood. But he also feels good seaming off, but he doesn t know why. Raul has to protect his reputation or you seem to be weak.. they ...

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