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I´m sure, most of you think a budgie, which is a special kind of parrot, is not as good as a dog or a cat, but you´re wrong. Owning a budgie can also be very attractive and interesting and it´s much cheaper. Originally budgies come from Australia. They live together in flight and all of them are coloured green-grey because if they would have another colour they couldn´t hide in the trees if there is a danger and would have been seen from their enemy. If your are interrested in keeping a budgie or better some, you should check the following things first: Do you have enough room for a birdcage, which should be so big, that they have a little room to fly. Budgies are greagarius birds. You do have to accept, that they like to make noise. The birds need to fly free daily. In the sequel it´s possible, that they make lots of dirt or nibble some plants. You need a little time and sure some money, altough it´s not much expense to care for such a nice, tiny co-inhabitant. Not all budgies like it, when you want to pet them. It´s possible, that they like it, but if not, you have to accept it. Before you buy a budgie, you should know, where to go with the it, if you want to go on holiday. If you have other pets, you should look, if they would understand with the budgie. And last but not least make clear, if any family member or inhabitant has an allergy on feathers. If these things I told you aren´t a problem, you have to decide to keep one or more budgies and male or female? I and all ...

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