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HEMP This speech is about hemp, also known as Cannabis, Marihuana, Reefer, Pot, Weed, Shit, Grass and other terms. For thousands of years this plant was an important resource and medicinal herb for many cultures . HEMP-DRUG: Appearances: brown, resin-well-behaved substance with characteristic smell. Marijuana: dried leaves and flourishes(blossoms) of the hemp Cannabis is available in three main forms, as a dried herb (grass), as a resin (hash or hashish) which is extracted from the buds and flower heads in the country of origin, and less commonly as a sticky liquid (hash oil) which is prepared from the resin. Taking sort: breathes in the smoke tobacco-either in roll-ups cigarettes (Joint) which are mostly formed conical, or smoking in whistles, Bongs or water pipes. Recognition characteristic features: it comes up to foolishly forced up mood, amusement escapes, sometimes rapid change between different mood positions, concentration disturbances, attention disturbances & red eyes, the pupils are rather wide. The most common effects are talkativeness, cheerfulness, relaxation and greater notice of sound and color. The active substance of hemp is THC. The cure time effects from marijuana are: Disorientation, frightened feelings, mood fluctuations, hallucinations, eye defect and deep sleep. The long-term effects (duration use) is: Psychological dependence, concentration disturbances and performance loss, Anxiety, fear, irritability, and sleep disturbances HEMP-HISTORY: The ...

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