Clancy, Tom: The Cardinal of the Kremlin

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I want to present you the novel The Cardinal of the Kremlin by Tom Clancy. Because I told you about the author already last year, I just want to repeat the most important facts: he was born in 1947 in Baltimore and worked after college as an insurance broker in Maryland. 1984 his first novel The Hunt for Red October was published. Other also well-known works followed, e.g. Cardinal of the Kremlin (1988), Dept of Honour , which I presented last year, (1994) and Rainbow Six (1998). Almost each of his books has been a number one best-seller. The Hunt for red October , Patriot Games , Clear and present Danger and The sum of all fears have been made into quite successful movies. Story: The story takes place during the Cold War, but at the end of it. The USA and the Soviet Union are negotiating about reducing their arms, when the USA find out there is project called Bright Star in the Soviet Union, which has developed a massive laser-defence system. This is able to destroy everything orbiting around the earth. They can find that out because they have a spy in the Kremlin called CARDINAL it is the three times Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Filitov. It is very detailed described how espionage really works. The CIA asks to get Filitov out of the Soviet Union because the spy-chain has been discovered, but at first the President refuses. When he finally realises that the CARDINAL is very important and in great danger, he let Jack Ryan convince the Chairman Gerasimov, who is the head ...

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