Poe, Edgar Allan: The tell-tale heart

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The Tell-Tale Heart 1) Write a brief summary of the story In The Tell-Tale Heart, the narrator confesses to a murder he has committed. He tells about how he felt compelled to kill the old man living with him because of the man´s evil eye. After watching the man in his bedroom for seven nights in a row, he finally kills him, cuts the body into pieces, and hides them under the planks of the floor. When the police arrives the next morning to inquire about a scream heard by neighbors during the night, the narrator is very confident that the police will not find out about the murder. However, the longer the police stay at his house, the more unsure he becomes. He imagines he can still hear the old man´s heart beating under the floor planks, and he finally confesses to the murder because the sound of the beating heart is driving him insane. 2) Who tells the story? The story is told by a first-person-narrator, by the murderer. 3) How does the narrator himself explain his own frame of mind? He declares at once that he suffers from a disease, but implies that because it has not dulled his senses, he cannot be called mad. The narrator points out that his mental disorder has actually caused his senses, especially his hearing, to become more acute. When he claims to have heard many things in heaven and hell, we realize, of course, that his super-human sensory experiences are delusions. 4) What does he himself think to be the motive for his deed? Can we accept this as a reason? The ...

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