Coca-Cola The national soft drink

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Coca-Cola The national soft drink Index: The history of Coca-Cola The possessors of Coca-Cola John Pemberton The inventor of Coca Cola Asa Candler The Coca-Cola King Robert Woodruff & the new Santa Claus Roberto Goizueta The man who changed the formula The Profile of Coca-Cola The mission of the Coca-Cola Company The secret ingredient Trademark Origins Environment Atlanta 1996 Attachment Coca-Cola is not only a refreshment, it s an image It is a product that evokes images of childhood, summer time, and feelings of Americana. Coca-Cola is in the same league as hot dogs, apple pie, and baseball. Coca-Cola has promised us luck since Asa Candler, who acquired the Coca-Cola Company for US- 2300, has filled the first bottle. Today it is an enterprise of 150 billions. Coca-Cola is the most famous trademark in the world. It sells feelings that are fundamental to everyone. Coca-Cola is like a religion, it sells feelings of equality (colour, appearances), companionship, friendship and refreshment. When people are together, then they are happy and drink Coca-Cola and when they drink Coca-Cola, then they are happy. Coca-Cola is a symbol for freedom. The history of Coca-Cola: There is a company which has got a secret. This secret is kept in a safe. Although everywhere in the world it is enjoyed, there have never been more than three persons who know the formula definitely. After the American Civil War America started with the reconstruction of the South and the people who were living in ...

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