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Drugs You can subdivde drugs in 7 groups: Opiates Stimulants hallucinogen Drugs Inhalants Alcohol Sedatives Cannabis Opiate Opitae are drugs which are made in a chemical reaktion with Opium (For instance Morphin and Heroin). Morphin is a very heavy painkiller (Schmerzmittel). In 1898 Heroin got introduzed. In this year the government didn t know that Heroin can make people addict to it. But after some month it got interdicted. If you take Heroin you cause a wave of elation (Hochgefühl), but on the other side you fall into a state of deep causualness (Gleichgültigkeit). The withdrawl symptoms: twitch of feet and hands, anxiety states, sleeplessness, sickness, cramps, regurgitate, diarrhea and fever (Entzugserscheinungen: zucken der Füße und Hände, Angstzustände, Schlaflosigkeit, übelkeit, Krämpfe, Erbrechen, Diarrhöe und Fieber) In the 70 s some scientists isolated the so-called Endorphines that are Opiates which naturally occur in the human brain. Stimulants The most famous drug from this group is Ecstasy (or XTC). If you take XTC you get a sense of being (Wohlgefühl) , a sympathy for everyone in your environment, more energy and in some causes you get hallucinations. The withdrawl symptoms: Sickness, losing controll, dehydration (losing liqour (Körperflüssigkeit)), losing long-term memory (Langzeitgedächtnis), losing weight. In the XTC- tabletts from Easteurope some scientists found a impurity (Verschmutzung) up to 10 per cent. Some other stimulants are cocaine and ...

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