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The Civil War The most people are thinking, that the Civil War was only fought to free the slaves which are caught in the South. But that`s wrong What was happening in this time? The United States had been an community, built by several independent states. She was parted in two different groups. At one side was the industrial North and on the other side was the agricultural South. Based by this, the positions of force was absolutely clear. The South was, by the reason of the big distance to Europe and the resulting long and expensive way of cargo, unconditional depended by the industry of the North. This was still the way to dictate the prices of agricultural products, which was used by the North. A lot of economical problems was the result of the exploit and the dictation of prices of the South. A affected industrialization and a closer economical cooperation to Europe was needed, but forced by the North with big distresses. Slowly grows a movement for independence, which wants the splitting from the North. The thirteen states of the South voted in 1860 their own parliament. The first act of the new parliament was to declare the dissolving of the Union. It was on December 20. 1860. The Confederate States of America was founded. All local administrations and military forts was put under the law of the new grown state. Only one fort, it was Fort Sumter, don`t want to cooperate. The fort, which was on the territory of the southern states was surrounded by government troops. ...

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