Still Missing Christy

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STILL MISSING CHRISTY Christy Brown s sudden and tragic death in October, 1981 left his wife Mary (an agency nurse) devastated. The film of his autobiography is nominated for five Oscars. Her sense of pride is mixed with a sadness. The film only touches on their relationship, but it does capture their instant mutual attraction. Christy had been invited to appear on the David Frost show, and his brother had thrown a party to celebrate his visit. Christy was sitting alone and bored in a corner, a bottle of Bacardi by his side. When they met in 1969 in London she was 23 and he was 13 years older. She admired his painting but knew little of his writing. As they talked they realised how much they had in common, not least a love for Dickens. She never had any difficulty understanding what he was saying, she was actually tuned in to his speech. (overdone C s speech difficulty understood so well) Every time she sees the film she sees something new in it, something she had missed before. At the premiere in Dublin it was completely overwhelming. She didn t really take it all in. In the opening sequence it is as if Christy himself is there. It was his honesty, his gentleness which drew her to him. He was a very vivacious person, very amusing and he had a great sense of humour. They had known each other for two years when he asked her to marry him. There were objections to the marriage because Mary was a divorcee and the couple received a stream of anonymous letters and phone calls. C ...

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