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MATILDA Roald Dahl 1988, Puffin Books ABOUT THE BOOK The story of Matilda is completed with illustrations by Quentin Blake (which I liked even better than the story itself...). It was first published in 1988 by Jonathan Cape and it was the winner of the Children s Book Award . The book is processed in three different ways: The book, the cassette and the video. It is no special type of book; it is a mixture between fiction, adventure, mystery, thriller and more. But, in my opinion, it s a real children s book. THE PLOT Matilda is a sensitive, brilliant and exceptional girl, but Mr and Mrs Wormwood treat her like a scab, not a daughter. They think she is a nuisance and a noisy chatterbox. By the age of one and a half years Matilda s speech is already perfect and she knows as many words as most adults. By the time she is three years old she has taught herself to read by studying newspapers and magazines that are lying around the house. And after one more year Matilda is able to read fast and well and she naturally begins hankering after books. One afternoon when her father had refused to buy her a book, Matilda sets out all by herself to walk to the public library in the village. It doesn t take her very long to read all the books in the children s section and over the next six months Mrs Phels, the librarian, introduces her to many books for grown ups written by famous authors. Matilda s family is addicted to watching TV. (To watching the telly as it is put in the book.) The ...

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