On The Brink Of Tranquillity

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ON THE BRINK OF TRANQUILLITY The first stage is characterised by an overwhelming sense of peace, calm and wellbeing, as well of freedom from bodily pain, which may have been acute. In the second stage the experiencer feels detached from the physical body. The detachment is emotional as well as physical: the self no longer identifies with what it sees as a physical instrument to be discarded when worn out. While the patient is unconscious his mind floats around, observing what is going on with their body. The senses are extremely acute, experiencers are even able to mix them. I saw him think In the third stage the experiencer finds himself moving rapidly down a dark tunnel (heading) towards a bright light without a shadow. Some researchers interpret this as the transition into another mode of consciousness. In stage four the light gradually enlarges until the experiencer emerges into it. It is associated with love, joy, beauty and peace; it may be felt as an encounter with the Higher Self . At this point, the experiencer may have the impression of seeing his earthly life in review. Experiences, are now felt as if he was at the receiving end; what he has done on others is reflected back on him. Awareness and control of thoughts, feelings and actions become a central concern. The final and deepest stage is entering the light into a transcendental environment of surpassing beauty. There may be meetings with dead relatives and loved ones, who usually make it clear that the ...

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