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TOURISM AND TRAVELLING Some people travel on business, others in search of health. But those aren t the ones who fill the Grand Hotels and the pockets of the proprietors. It is those who travel for pleasure , as the phrase goes. Those who frequent the places where they resort most often find that tourists are, in the main, a gloomy-looking tribe. Only when they can band together and pretend, for a brief, precarious hour, that they are at home, do the majority of tourists really look happy. One wonders why they came abroad. The fact is that very few travellers really like travelling. If they go to the trouble and expense of travelling, it is not so much from curiosity, for fun or because they like to see things beautiful and strange, as out of a kind of snobbery. People travel for the same reason as they collect works of art: because the best people do it. To have been to certain spots on earth s surface is socially correct; and having been there, one is superior to those who have not. Moreover travelling gives one something to talk about when one gets home. Vacations seem to be the ideal cure for all your ills. But they can also be a source of stress and that can affect your health. So it is better to have a check-up at your family doctor s or at your practitioner. The traditional summer break is regarded as the highlight of the year, but it can undermine health and put pressure on your family relationship. So it is better to tackle the problems before you go away because a ...

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