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STRESS Stress can be a really dangerous health hazard. So avoid reaching your pressure point altogether. A list of the most effective stress stoppers. Screaming, punching, boxingIt s good for stressed people to act out their frustrations in a physical (but completely harmless) manner for example smashing old plates on the floor. Stress eyperts agree that releasing tension and anger can set free the stress hormones that are rampaging around your bodies thereby promoting a feeling of relaxation. Laugh it out, cry it out or scream it out. Learning to relax, to release and let go is a veritable art. Don t bottle up your feelings. Let them hang out. ExercisingLike it or not, studies have shown that a 15-minute walk is more effective at dealing with stress than a course of tranquillisers. We often become stuck in the twilight zone where we have become aroused through the stress of the day but are unable to release the body s raging stress hormones. Good hard exercise can allow you to swing back into the state we know as rest. Use exercise as a substitute for tranquillisers. Autogenic trainingAT might sound rather technical, but actually it is dead easy and hugely successful. This method is now used to reduce stress and improve performance. It is a bit like a westernised form of meditation but it does not demand any belief systems. And the best thing about this method is that you can use the exercises at any time even in the office or on the bus. Try it: Sit in a chair with your ...

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