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SCHIZOPHRENIA I had never been seriously mentally ill before, although I had suffered from depression since the age of eight. My family found it hard to talk about feelings and I never communicated well with my parents. The attack happened after a bout of depression. I had been finding it hard to concentrate at work, I wasn t eating properly, would hardly talk to anyone the usual symptoms of depression. Then I started hearing voices that seemed to come from outside my head. They began tormenting me, telling I was evil, that I would be better off dead. They were male and female voices who would talk about me and to me, sometimes, jeering and laughing. It sounds bizarre, but it doesn t occur to you that it is your mind playing tricks. In the end I couldn t stand it. I took an overdose of antidepressants to blot them out. I spent a week in our local psychiatric hospital as a voluntary patient. Schizophrenia was eventually diagnosed. It was a relief to know what it was. There are lots of symptoms of schizophrenia, such as being withdrawn, unmotivated and not caring about your appearance. But the most well-known ones are hearing voices and having delusions. Hearing voices is when you experience your thoughts as if they are coming from outside your head. Delusions are when you have a fixed belief in something, even though common sense tells you it can t be true. Your brain and reason lose track of each other. The worst aspect of schizophrenia is the danger it can put you in. I ...

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