Black Power

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Black Power Black Power was the name for a political movement in the middle 1960 s. African-Americans demanded for seperation from the white society that, in their opinion, oppressed the black people since centuries. So they asked their people to be proud of their race and their history. But the item Black Power was controversial because many people considered it anti-white and violent. In June 1966 there was a protest march through Mississippi lead by James Meredith, the first black to attend the university of Mississippi. He was shot by a sniper and had to go to hospital. The march was took up by leaders of civil rights organizations. During the march some Student Nonviolent Coordinating Commitee (SNCC) activists, among others Stokely Carmichael, asked the people What do you want? and the demonstrators responsed Black Power . Quote: They were two simple words which whites would fear and Blacks would love. Black Power rolled like thunder throughout America and was picked up as a rallying cry. The first person using the term Black Power in a political way was Stokely Carmichael, who immigrated from Trinidad to New York City in 1952 when he was eleven years old. In 1964 he was an organizer for the SNCC. During his work in the SNCC he became very frustrated because many civil rights leaders were beaten or even killed. In 1966 he became leader of the organization. Because he and some other activists believed that an independent black political power was the only way to achieve ...

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