Orwell, George: Animal Farm

USSR, soviet republic after 1917, communism, revolution, history, allegory, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Orwell, George: Animal Farm
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Plot: The book is about a Farm where the animals make a revolution and chase away the farmowner with his family. For a while everything works great and everybody is happy. But on and on the pigs, who make the organization part on the farm, get more and more like humans. They even change the seven rules of Animalism one by one and in the end the other animals can`t divide them from humans, which used to be their enemies and then are the friends of the pigs. Summary: Mr. Jones is the owner of the Manor Farm, he is often drunk and treats his animals badly. One night Major, an old boar, calls out for all animals to come to the big barn. He tells them about his vision of freedom and Animalism, and how their live would be improved. The main facts are that human beeings are the enemies, and ...

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