Golding: William: Lord of the Flies

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Golding: William: Lord of the Flies
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Lord of the flies Main Characters: Ralph: Main Character of the book, forgets things quite easy, tendency to adventure; Piggy: fat boy, has asthma, wears glasses, he should be the chief but he is an outsider, he is the most intelligent on the whole island; Jack Merridew: the commander of the choir, arrogant, becomes a passionate hunter, chief of the savage-like tribe, Jack loves giving orders; has an appetite for destruction; Simon: the others think that he is batty, he is quite shy and has problems with speaking in front of a lot of people, quite religious and poetic; Sam Eric: twins, called Samneric because they act like one person, try to please other people; The story: A lot of children are trapped on an island because a pilot dropped them after they have been attacked because there s a war taking place. Ralph and Piggy make their way to the beach. The island is full of enchantment: The water is clear to the bottom, there are glittering fish and there is a warm lagoon. Piggy wants to make a list with all the names of the kids on the island and wants to have a meeting. Ralph is sure that the grown-ups are going to rescue them. Ralph finds a conch and he blows it to call the other kids on the island. A strange group of boys comes, wearing black caps with badges in it. They are a choir and join the meeting. First the children decide to vote a chief although Jack the commander of the choir nearly proclaimed himself a chief. Ralph becomes chief because he has the conch. They ...

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