Auster, Paul: Leviathan

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Auster, Paul: Leviathan
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Leviathan By Paul Auster The Author: Paul Auster was born in New Jersey in 1947. After attending Columbia University he lived in France for four years. Since 1947 he has published poems, essays, novels and translations. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Characters: Peter Aaron: A writer and friend of Benjamin Sachs. Peter narrates the story. He writes the story down because he fears that Benjamin s reputation could be destroyed. He defends his dead friend because he can t defend himself anymore. He describes the various changes Sachs goes through and tries to give a partial understanding of who his friend was. I can explain who he was. Benjamin Sachs: Benjamin is a writer. Ben is appalled by the stupidity of the world. He is married to Fanny. They married young but nevertheless they stay married for twenty years although they are quite the opposite. She is like a sphinx and he is an open wound. He likes to portray himself in the most unflattering terms. His mind is rather intuition than logic. He works quick and without exhausting himself. It is nothing for him to write ten pages at a single sitting without standing up from his typewriter. The story about his life is written down by his friend Peter. When the time comes you ll know how to tell my story to others. (to Peter) Fanny Sachs: Wife of Benjamin. Was always loved by Peter, who never dared to speak to her. Maria Turner: Maria isn t capable of love. She is eccentric and always starts mad compulsive projects like ...

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