Hornby Nick: High Fidelity

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HIGH FIDELITY by Nick Hornby The book begins with Rob listing up his top five split-ups, which really hurt, to Laura. Laura s and Robs relation is at the end, because Laura finishes with him. He tells Laura, that she can t break his hearth, because they re both to old to make each other bad. Top five split-ups: His first split-up was Alison Ashworth: Alison was one of Rob s best friends. Both were between twelve and thirteen. They were always together and played games together, but one day she kissed him. His relation with her lasted only for six hours (3 times for 2 hours - after school, kissing), because then he saw her kissing another guy and he finished the relation ship with her. He felt very miserable and didn t know where to go or how to behave with this humiliation. His second split up was Penny Hardwick: Penny was a really nice girl, always nice dressed, good marks and Rob s parents really liked her. They were together for some months, but then Rob finished with her, because she didn t let him touch her breasts. Then Rob went out with a girl called Kim and Penny with Chris Thomson. Chris is a guy, who gets everything from everyone. One day Chris comes in smiling and tells Rob that he has shagged Penny (after one week). Rob believes him and is very depressed. His third split up was Jackie Allen: Jackie was the girlfriend of Rob s friend Phil. Rob met Jackie the same time, while she was having a relation ship with Phil, so Jackie and Rob had to meet in secret. Rob ...

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