Wells, H. G.: The Invisible Man

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Wells, H. G.: The Invisible Man
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The Invisible Man Summary On a day in February a stranger arrives at the Coach-and-Horses Inn at Iping village and takes a room. When Mrs. Hall, the Innkeeper s wife, goes in to serve lunch he is still wearing his hat and coat. He is also wearing blue spectacles and a big beard. When he takes lunch he removes his hat and Mrs. Hall sees that his head is covered with a white bandage, leaving nothing exposed but his pink pointed nose. Mrs. Hall thinks that the man might have had an accident and tries to imply him into a conversation but he cuts her short. Later, when she comes in again to ask if the clock mender can wind the clock, he tells her that he does not want to be disturbed and that he wants his luggage to be brought from the station as soon as possible. The next day his luggage ...

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