Huxley, Andrew: Brave New World

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Brave New World The book of Andrew Huxley tells us a story of the future. After 9 years of war, humans decided to build a New World with one state, the World State which was ruled by so called Controllers . For centuries the World State held its principles on community, identity and stability. This means that everyone lives with everyone else in order to identify themselves as a group. They must serve the State and not attempt to change the social system in any way. Basically, the World State knows what s best for everyone so the people have no need think for themselves; they only have to obey the rules. The citizens are controlled from their childhood and each citizen is conditioned for life, which is predestinated by the World State. By example, people who have to work in hot rooms would be conditioned to enjoy the heat. In this world lives Bernard Marx who is a psychologist. Bernard is different to others, he is an extremely clever Alpha plus , but his body is small compared to other Alpha plus people (each class; Alpha, Beta etc. have specific body sizes and wear uniformed clothes to match their form). Not only does he look different, his thoughts are also not the same as the others. Bernard sometimes prefers to be alone (unimaginable for anyone else as they were conditioned to enjoy doing everything together). His behavior made him into an outsider. This Alpha plus does not often take Soma when he feels sad. Soma is the perfect drug that makes people forget their ...

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